Appliqué surface perfection

Ahah moment over here!

If any of you are searching for the perfect surface to do your appliqué on, I found it. It was certainly not where I thought it would be either , Try the kitchen department. Finally some use for all of that stuff 😁

Mom and I own an app lap , which is absolutely wonderful, Mom loves it. Although, for me I had trouble with it because it doesn’t rotate and it is a wee bit small.

I think they are great but this cake stand by Wilton is even better, in my opinion. It rotates and the top tilts ( and stays put in the tilted position you put it in) . The slightly raised pieces that are meant to help hold a cake on top actually help in keeping a bit of room between your needle and the surface top, so that it is a more fluid movement.


4 thoughts on “Appliqué surface perfection

  1. THATS using your noodle!! A Wilton cake plate😬!?!?!?!?! Have been meaning to write to you guys… Do you remember a year or two ago, there was a hub-bub about a dog pattern book????????? If so, do you remember the name, and do you know where I can find it????????????? Thanks!! Looking forward to the witches ball!!!!! Deb Damari-Tull

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  2. I love it! It’s great when you can have multi-purpose tools, though I haven’t made a fancy cake in awhile. See you at Sheep and Wool.
    Carol b

  3. Hi: Thanks for the great tip. I will pass along to my fellow applique artists. Please keep the good ideas rolling. Betsy, I am still working on my sheep. Looking forward to seeing you in Florida. Cheers….Sandi (Percival)

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