Last day for remnant Bonanza


Due to high volume and the holday, your order might experience a 3-4 business day delay

in addition to normal ship times.

It is that time of year. Time to get a special package just for you in the mail.

Here are some pictures from a previous bonanza :


These bags are the PERFECT way to add to your stash without breaking the bank.

These are pieces from ALL of our wools including NEW and SOLD OUT wools.

all of our wool is perfect for Applique’, doll making, purses, quilting, CLOTHING, Crafty sewing projects and rug hooking.For the two pound bag:The sizes range – almost all pieces are at least 12 x 5 or equivelant to that size. Many are larger. There may be one piece that is small ie. 5×5 or a long skinny but usable strip in a two pound bag.

For the 10 pounder, the sizes of the pieces are larger cuts of all of our wools new and old. Sometimes these are not quite half yards or pieces where there was a tear n the bolt and we had to cut it out. Almost all pieces are either the equivalent to a quarter yard, A fat quarter or above.

~~~The bags are made up by Betsy and Erica and we basically try to out-do each other🙂 by the assortment and wow factor.~~~

2 thoughts on “Last day for remnant Bonanza

  1. Hi…I stumbled across your site and wanted to know if you still have the wool remnant bags for sale and if so how much are the 2 and 10
    Lb lb bags? Thanks!

    • Hi Ellen. I’m sorry but we don’t have anymore left until next year around the same time. This is so that We make sure everyone gets a large variety. Thank you so much for your interest in our wools.

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