What is a hook in ? Who is welcome ?



A hook-in is a term used by rug hookers for an event that is usually one day (sometimes 2 or 3 days) of crafters getting together and having a good time.

You bring your crafting supplies, Sit and enjoy a day of crafting while catching up with old friends and making new ones.

WHO IS WELCOME? At almost every hook in; it is not just rug hookers (crafters that pull loops of wool fabric through linen to make a rug ) who are welcome but also: those who do Wool applique’, Needle punch, Rug punch, crotchet, knitting, Wool penny rugs, embroidery, Crewel work, Cross stitch. Basically if you do a low volume craft that involves the love of fabric, threads and notions you can get through the gate J

ARE BEGINNERS WELCOME?  Yes! Yes! Yes! A hook in is the absolute best possible place for you!  One of the things that make a hook in such a fantastic experience is taking in what everyone is working on, what tools they are using, where they get their supplies and of course what other hook-ins, camps or retreats they enjoy. Questions and talking are definitely a high priority at hook ins. The more conversations going on at one time, the better.


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A RUG HOOKING CAMP, A HOOK-IN AND A RETREAT? A rug hooking camp is usually a group of structured classes that also may act as a hook in while classes are going on.

A secret to enjoying any class: Know what your teacher specializes in. Some teachers do fine cut rug hooking, Some do wide cut rug hooking, Some applique’ classes are not for absolute beginners. There are so many fantastic teachers out there and it is an absolute joy to take classes but it really helps you and the teacher if you know what the teacher specializes in or if you like their work.

A hook-in is a non-structured day (or days) that may have mini classes going on that you can sign up for during the time you are there. Almost all hook-ins invite vendors to travel and set up booths. This is a wonderful opportunity to finally meet that website or shop that posts on facebook but never have a chance to drive to their shop.

A rug hooking retreat is non-structured and more laid back couple of days of rug hooking. If there are demonstrations or classes they can be more impromptu or not set in stone. A retreat may not have a teacher to help color plan or teach techniques (each are different,So please be sure to read a registration. If it says retreat, it is more often not for beginner rug hookers but more for a rug hooker that just wants a few days around a smaller group than a camp or hook-in).


2 thoughts on “What is a hook in ? Who is welcome ?

  1. Betsy, wow, I was looking at Saucer Village Retreats, ready to hop in the car as there seem to be openings and it is so tempting. Thank you for the clarification!

    I was wondering if there is going to be a class before the hook in…such as Searsport teaching making a footstool ?

    Such fun questions! Best, Katie OBrien

    • Hi Katie. This is erica, mom doesn’t know how to use the blog 😊 until we get comfortable in the new location there are not any classes for our hook in available. If we are able to in the future we will post and email those who fill out the registration form for hook ins. The woolkeepers hook in in Indiana and the Apple blossom hook in in Michigan both have classes as well as both of searsports hook ins in Maine an Florida though

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