Michigan Hook In registration now open

Oh, Wow. Do you know how hard it has been to keep this one a secret?

Have you ever known about something but you can’t tell anybody and you are just fidgeting until the day you get to tell everyone? Well, That is what mom and I have been doing for the past six months!

But the wait is finally over …

September 15th, 16th and 17th  2017 , We will be the very humble guest vendor and teacher for the Apple Blossom hooking weekend !!!          Held in Novi, Michigan.


(Oh my Gosh, I have waited so long to write that, I deserve a cookie for keeping quiet that long)

The information and registration form is on Anne Bond’s Website VISIONS OF EWE . Registration for the Hooking weekend is VERY limited and will go by who submits their registration and fee first. This means by the date your mail-in submission is POSTMARKED. If you do not get in,There will be a waiting list. Please, make sure you print your name and contact information CLEARLY, So that you can be contacted if there is an opening.

Now of course, I am going to need more than just one cookie to keep quiet about all of the details and surprises in store for the weekend. Eeek

Contact info for the hooking weekend is available at VISIONS OF EWE


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