Stewing wool ( now that wordpress is working and I can see what I am typing )

Here are the directions for stewing wool that I posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. You can bookmark this so that you can always return to it 🙂

STEWING WOOL ! Before and after
Stewing wool is EASY. You can take ANY WOOLs put them in a pot of water on the stove at a simmer ( not a boil ! ) with a bit of Tide or Dish detergent and watch how they create one of a kind masterpieces. After about a half hour ( longer or shorter time depending on your preference ) turn off the stove and add some vinegar then let the water cool off. Put it in the wash on a rinse cycle, then dry. That is all there is to it. Do you have wool on your shelf that make you say ” what on earth was I thinking?” or what am I going to do with that? …. Put them in a stew pot. You can also add tea bags to dull the color even more if you want to. here are the two pots I put on this morning before heading to the wool barn. First one was fat quarters of New England red, Apple Butter, Little Miss Sunshine, Petunia and Ligonier Purple. They turned out Fantastic ! nice and grungy. Little Miss Sunshine is a Dream for taking color ( plus it is reversible, BONUS ) .
The second pot was Little miss Sunshine, Sugar Snap Peas, Robin’s Egg Blue, Putting on the Glitz and Pretty as a Peacock. They turned out SO Scrumptious. Photos do not begin to give justice with how great everything turned out. All without having to break out my dyes. Give it a try. This is a GREAT PROJECT TO DO WITH KIDS ( with stove supervision ) or to help explain color charts. No two black wools are the same, Some bleed green, Some more blue and other red. It really is a fun surprise to see what is going to happen. Have Fun !



4 thoughts on “Stewing wool ( now that wordpress is working and I can see what I am typing )

  1. Love the stewing results. I just might have to do a pot as I’ve some of the same wool and will put in the Miss Sunshine for sure. Wish I had Ligonier purple but have something else which I’ll throw in the pot instead. I recently did some marbleizing and was very happy with that too. Thanks for sharing.


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