How to assemble Cut out patterns at Heavens to Betsy

Assembling Rabbit or other Heavens to Betsy Cut out rug hooking pattern

Directions given by Betsy Reed at Heavens to Betsy

Once you have completed hooking the rabbit or other cut out pattern, press with iron front and back.

Cut off excess linen. (Leave approx. ¾ to 1inch). Save a few threads from the linen

for the rabbits whiskers.

Fold back the linen and sew a basting stitch around the rabbit.

assembling 1

Cut a piece of batting about an inch smaller than the rabbit. I like to use the

batting Warm N Natural. Get it at any craft store. This will make the backing smoother and stronger after stuffing the rabbit or other cut out

assembling 2

Now using your pieces of wool ( or any other fabric can be used) start to make your patches.

Place the wool and fold the wool under around the edges – pin to rabbit. Overlap the pieces when adding the next piece of wool.

 assembling 3 assembling 4 assembling 5 assembling 6

Using a single strand of thread ( use carpet, buttonhole or upholstery thread – it is stronger and will not knot so easily) sew around the rabbit using a whip stitch.

Leave an opening on the bottom of the rabbit or other cut out pattern for stuffing.

Then sew together the patches using top stitch or embroidery stitches. Now using poly fiberfill and left over snippets stuff the rabbit. You can even add some lavender in with the stuffing.

 assembling 7 assembling 8 assembling 9

Close the opening.   Add whiskers. Use a large holed needle – thread three pieces of the linen. Insert needle and pull though and remove needle and tie a knot.

 assembling 10 assembling 11 assembling 12

Use sari ribbon, yarn or a piece of wool to tie around rabbits neck.

Up close of how imperfect stitches can be 🙂


    Directions given by Betsy Reed at Heavens to Betsy

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