It’s almost here !!!

Have you ever not met someone in person but wanted to be their official stalker? 🙂

I only just started hooking myself but…

Ever since mom said “you should check out Bea Brock’s designs” , I have been absolutely SMITTEN with her !

I ordered her Calliope Pattern and it is next up to go on the frame.

(image of calliope pattern from Bea Brock’s website Hill Country Designs )


Bea has a book coming out shortly and I just found out Bea is taking pre-orders, YAY!

You can order directly from Bea Herself by Paypal, Check or calling Bea (# on her website) to order with credit card.

Cost $30.85 which includes shipping. Her email is Beatrice Brock:

I wonder if I pay extra if she would sign it ” I know your Stalking me” LOL

If you haven’t seen any of her designs , You should definitely go to her website Hill Country Rug Works 

This is me, Doing my happy dance because I Just pre-ordered my copy !



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