I need my windows washed !

So I was prowling the internet with no final destination in mind, When I came across the most awesome business EVER!

it is a window washing company called Men in Kilts


Men in Kilts website

I LOVE IT !!!!!

they do business and residential and have franchises in Canada and USA

If we ever have a huge venue of rug hookers, Wouldn’t it be the absolute best to hire them ! LOL


3 thoughts on “I need my windows washed !

  1. Hi Betsy, sorry I missed the hook-in — issues/drama with visitation with granddaughter on Saturday (the littlest hooker) delayed us to the point that there wasn’t enough time left in the day. But I stopped by Lindowen’s on my way outta town today and Linda told me it was a huge success. Hopefully I can make it to the one in May?? if that’s when it is?? Please keep me on the mailing list. :))

    Missed you, Sue Sharpe

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