Remnants! Remnants! Remnants! 

These bags are the PERFECT way to add to your stash without breaking the bank.

These are pieces from ALL of our wools including NEW and SOLD OUT wools.

all of our wool is perfect for Applique’, Doll making, purses, quilting, CLOTHING, general sewing and rug hooking.

2 pounds ( approx. over 2 yds ) Was $35. $28.00
  3 pounds ( approx. over 3 yds ) WAS $55. $44.00
 4 pounds ( approx. over 4 yds ) WAS $75. $60.00

5 pound bag ! (approx. over 5 yds.) WAS $95. $76.00
10 Lbs. a Whole Stash of wool! WAS $185. $158.00

A few 2 pound bags already made up


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