7 thoughts on “Mom’s Third Talon Frame

  1. Wold be interested in more info on your mothers frame? Am enjoying the new look of your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. I am the PROUD owner of 3 Talon frames! A large for large rugs, of course. It’s amazing how much weight this frame will hold. A small one for rug camps and hook-ins, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Oh, did I mention his frames flod up flat for easy transport. And last but not least a lap frame (his newest design) to sit back on my couch put my feet up and hook away. I am such a fan of this young man (Steve Smith) and of his amazing ingenuity and craftsmanship.

  3. Hi sweetie with the cute husband! I just got mine a few months back and like it the best so far! It too is the middle sized. Glad you have a blog, can’t wait to meet you someday!

  4. Hi, that’s a very impressive hooking frame. I have a 10 years old niece who just start making home craft, especially rugs for her doll house.

    I was thinking if it is okay if you could provide me your original Talon frame instruction or something that has it’s individual parts’ dimension so that I could make a very small version made for her Christmas? Perhaps, some more photos beside the one you posted above?

    I appreciate it.
    Nicholas Post

    • Hi Nicholas,
      Rug hooking frames are expensive due to the grippers that are used to keep the foundation cloth taught, while working. I have a ten year old myself, I highly suggest purchasing a punchneedle kit, if she has not hooked a rug before. My ten year old is better at punchnedle than I am. Punchneedle can be done on an inexpensive ( and much less sharp than a gripper frame! ) embroidery hoop. Rug hooking can also be done on an embroidery hoop ( for small designs ). Rug hooking frames range in size but even the smallest folding frame may take up more size than your niece’s mom might want to find a home for, until you are sure she is into the craft.

  5. Hi Nicholas,
    I so agree with the reply from Betsy, your niece could make fabulous dollhouse rugs with punchneedle. There are small frames made for punchneedle that have gripper strips, however these strips can give pretty bad cut if your not careful. Just do a Google search for punchneedle rugs. Just keep in mind that there are many sizes of punchneedles, from small enough to hold embroidery thread, to large enough to hold yarn or a strip of cut wool.
    The Talon Frame, however, does not come as a kit. It is a frame designed and made by Stephen P. Smith, from Midlothian, Texas. They are a beautiful handcrafted rug frame, for rug hooking on a larger scale, and is of his own design.
    Good luck & have fun!

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