Our Blog Has Moved !

Blogger is being uncooperative and it would take me days to figure out how to fix how the unfortunate malfunctions of our previous blog.

So instead of getting upset, We have decided to move to wordpress and hope you will follow along with us !

Please hang in there with us while we figure out how to use this new blog 🙂

Below is one of our most commented on posts, ENJOY !

Behind the scenes of Heavens to Betsy

Heavens to Betsy has been having wool milled for rug hookers and other fiber artists for quite some time now.

For us, Heavens to Betsy is what we truly enjoy and

We would love to share with you some of the process of our joy.

Please keep in mind, We are a small family business, Nothing fancy here! 

The first Process is of course coming up with what wools to mill!


samples for mill

~Samples for the Mill~

 The picture is not the best and that is because I am not allowed to give any sneak peeks!

We often take threads and put them to different patterns. The card at the top right is a finished sample that has been mocked up for the mill.

(do you recognize the wool? You would be correct if you said hot potato! those threads next to it are what we are changing. (ie. Take the blue thread and replace it with yellow and so on…) 

By the way only the top row of the picture is affirmative for wools to come. We hmm,Haw and sometimes have to argue (nicely of course) our case against each other on which wools go in next.It is a long process! Mom has favorite wool (usually more primitive), Erica has Favorite wools ( usually more modern looking) and dad has his favorites too (The ones that he takes hours to put threads meticulously to) 

Once the selections are made and everyone is satisfied -and made sure Erica hasn’t traded one of theirs for one of her wools. 

We send them off to the mill! 

In about six to nine months we receive three yard samples of each of the wools.

Our Samples  

Looks GREAT to me! 

We confirm with our mill that they are Perfect and we love them. 

After they are milled they send the wool to us on large rolls.


Wool is here!truck being unload

Wool is here! Yippeee!

This is empty compared to a couple of weeks ago! 

Then come the samples, Lots and

lots of Samples


Over 900 of them! That is a lot of glue.


Dad starts to bolt the wool!

 And next It is off to packing orders 




And if Anyone gets hurt in the process

Heavens to Betsy

has there own Health Care Program! 

Mom putting A band-aid on Dad 🙂




8 thoughts on “Our Blog Has Moved !

  1. Congrats on the new blog site. You are again in my blog list at Bloglovin. If your “followers” don’t automatically transfer, I’ll certainly rejoin. Great new wools recently. Hope to be ready to order soon. … jan

  2. I enjoyed seeing behind the scenes at Heavens to Betsy. Looks like I get the easy part – just washing cutting and displaying all that beautiful wool to sell. Shari

  3. I am so glad you moved your blog I had issues with unwanted apps popping up on your old blog. Thanks for the behind the scene pictures !

    • HI everyone, Thank you for following along on our new blog!
      Glenda, That is one of the reasons I decided to move it. I tried to fix it but to no end. It was just easier to move 🙂 Once your comments have been approved once, It should automatically recognize you as safe and you won’t need to be approved for commenting in the future. 🙂

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